How Can You Help?
Meals on Wheels of Kingsport depends heavily upon the generous donation of time by hundreds of volunteers throughout our community.  Remember the adage: Many hands make light work?  So, it is with Meals on Wheels.  Try them and see for yourself.  It really doesn’t take much time and the payback is huge.  How often do you get the chance to make a difference in the lives of over 200 individuals by giving as little as 90 minutes of your time each month?  Meals on Wheels offers a variety of opportunities to suit your interests.  By volunteering, you will make a difference in someone’s life – maybe even yours too!

Meal delivery
Volunteers are needed to deliver the meals to the recipients.  Each weekday over 200 meals are delivered from the two kitchen facilities.  14 delivery routes have been planned and maintained, with each route consisting of 15-20 meals.  The routes are planned in such a way as to minimize the volunteer’s time required and minimize travel between stops.  Generally, each route can be delivered in just over an hour.  Most routes are delivered by teams of two people.  One person drives and the other takes meals to the door of the recipient.  Volunteers use their own vehicles to deliver the meals.  Meals are picked up at the kitchen at 10:30 am and delivered by 12 noon.  It takes only one and a half hours a month to volunteer. Would you consider giving an hour and a half each month?  Many of the volunteer drivers are delivering meals during the lunch hour from work.  Often times, employers in the area will allow employees to use their lunch break or some time away from their job to participate in this community service.  If you are interested in helping but work during the day, check with your employer.

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