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9:00 am
Reading through the Bible

9:45 am
Sunday School / Bible Study

11:00 am
Morning Worship Service

6:00 pm
Evening Worship Service
Youth Group
LGBC Kidz Inc. presents SNL - Sunday Night Live


8:00 am
Brotherhood at LG Restaurant

5:30 pm
LGBC Kidz Inc. presents
JAM (Jesus and Me)

6:00 pm
Prayer Meeting

7:00 pm
Choir Practice

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LGBC Brotherhood PDF Print E-mail

Men’s Bible Study group meets every Wednesday at Lynn Garden Restaurant at 8:00 am. All men are welcome to join in!!


Attention All Able Men: Your assistance is frequently needed with some of our homebound members with odd jobs around their house. If you are willing to be a part of this ministry please contact the church office.

Ladies of the Garden (WMU) PDF Print E-mail

Our WMU meetings will now be the first Sunday of each month before evening worship.

A Message From Andy PDF Print E-mail

I just left Krispy Kreme a few minutes ago and was reminded by all of the heart-shaped doughnuts that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. February is a month in which everyone seems to be thinking about love and relationships. In working with kids and youth, I often find myself counseling them about the relationships in their lives. I even have conversations with my third graders that go something like “I-like-her-but-he-likes-her-too!” A lesson I learned the hard way in life is that no matter how important the relationship seems, the most important part of the relationship is to keep God in the middle. Sometimes we look at other people in this life and believe that they are our everything, but no one on this planet can love us like our Heavenly Father. God’s Word tells us in 1 Corinthians 13:13, And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. Let us seek to love God more as we seek to love one another and to keep Him at the forefront of our relationships!



Sermon Videos PDF Print E-mail

The LGBC Video Team now provides streaming video of our services. Please visit our YouTube Channel to view a list of all the available services.

NOTE: If you subscribe to our channel, you may elect to receive mobile and email notifications when a video is streaming.


Recent Services:

Jan 17 2016 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - God’s View of Life

Jan 17 2016 PM by Rev. Rick Meade - God Will Forgive and Restore



Past Services:

Jan 10 2016 PM by Rev. Rick Meade - The Cost and Consequences of Disobedience

Jan 3 2016 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - A Look Back

Jan 3 2016 PM by Rev. Rick Meade - Running From God Never Produces a Good Result

Dec 27 2015 AM - Gideon Speaker at Lynn Garden Baptist Church

Dec 27 2015 PM - Rev. James Meade at Lynn Garden Baptist Church

Dec 20 2015 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - What is Your Reaction to the Truth of Christmas?

Dec 20 2015 PM - Christmas Cantata - Changed By a Baby Boy

Dec 13 2015 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - Important Truths From One Announcement

Nov 29 2015 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - The One Thing That Is Needed

Nov 22 2015 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - How to Truly Be Thankful

Nov 8 2015 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - Occupy Till I Come

Nov 8 2015 PM by Rev. Rick Meade - Carrott, Egg, or Coffee Bean

Nov 1 2015 AM by Rev. Rick Meade - The Just Shall Live By His Faith

Nov 1 2015 PM by Rev. Rick Meade - Things to Remember in Uncertain Times

Oct 25 2015 by Rev. Rick Meade - Can These Bones Live?

Oct 11 2015 by Rev. Rick Meade - What Is Your Goal in Life?



Revival Services:

Nov 18 2015 by Rev. Jake Huffman - Dealing With Difficult Times in Your Life

Nov 17 2015 by Rev. Jake Huffman - Listening to the Voice of Truth

Nov 16 2015 by Rev. Jake Huffman - The Power of God

Nov 15 2015 AM by Rev. Jake Huffman - Has Your Heart Shriveled Up Like the Grinch's?

Nov 15 2015 PM by Rev. Jake Huffman - Bring Forward Anything Wayward in Your Heart Especially Unforgiveness



Homecoming Services:

LGBC Morning Homecoming Service - Sep 27 2015

LGBC Evening Homecoming Service - Sep 27 2015

Musical Note From Kevin PDF Print E-mail

How Great Thou Art, the Story

Composer Carl Boberg Writes How Great Thou Art


The hymn How Great Thou Art traveled a long road before it ended up a favorite edition to English hymnals. The original version was a poem written by a Swedish pastor, Reverend Carl Boberg in 1886, and entitled O Stor Gud. Boberg published the poem in his periodical Sanningsvittnet. Several years later he was surprised and delighted to hear his poem being sung by a church congregation, to the tune of an old Swedish folk melody.


In 1933, English missionaries to the Ukraine, Reverend and Mrs. Stuart K. Hine heard the song for the first time, fell in love with it and sang it often throughout their missionary journeys. As they traveled the Carpathian Mountains, the couple was inspired by the incredible beauty to translate the first three verses of the song into English. When WWII broke out in 1939, the Hines returned to England carrying How Great Thou Art to its new home. After the war they wrote the fourth verse and arranged the original Swedish folk tune to be published in English hymnals.


In the 1950s, the song was copyrighted and widely published in America, becoming more and more popular. When George Beverly Shay and the Billy Graham gospel choir, directed by Cliff Barrows, began to sing the song at virtually every crusade event, How Great Thou Art soon became one of the most recognized songs around the world. It was also recorded by several popular artists, including Elvis Presley. A poll conducted by the Christian Herald magazine in 1974 named How Great Thou Art the most popular hymn in America..


O Lord, how great are Thy works!” (Psalm 92:5)

Love in music and song,


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