Lottie Moon Post Office

Note: The 2019 LGBC offering envelopes were recently placed in the mailboxes of our members. Please pick them up as soon as possible so there will be plenty of room for all the Christmas cards.

The Lottie Moon Post Office is now open and there are collection boxes for Christmas cards throughout the church.

Instead of paying $0.50 a card to mail Christmas cards to your church family, why not give $0.25 a card to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering?  Each year we share Christmas Cards with our church family by bringing them to the church, and the youth separates and sorts the cards. Each family has a designated mailbox and will need to pick up their cards throughout the Christmas season. The names are arranged in alphabetical order. Please let the church office know if you do not have a mailbox and would like one. The mailboxes are located in the basement of the Sanctuary building near the elevator for easy access.

To help with addressing your cards, a list of all the names on the mailboxes is available on the table outside the church office.