Our Vision


At Lynn Garden Baptist Church, our PASSION is to Grow God's Garden Together by helping others to:


Glorify Jesus Christ through worship and excellence.

We believe that it is important to worship Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Savior. Therefore, we want to help others to learn the importance of giving Him the honor that He deserves. We encourage everyone to come and experience a worship service and to give Him their best in whatever they do throughout the week.


Grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with other believers.

Our desire is to help everyone grow in their relationship with Jesus and with other people. We firmly believe that church should be a place where family takes care of family. Church is to be a place of acceptance and encouragement as we all go through life together.


Give of one's time and resources to the service of Jesus Christ.

God has blessed all of us in various ways with resources, time and talents. We believe that everyone should give a portion of all of these gifts to service for God. Therefore, our passion is to help everyone use what God has blessed us with for His glory and reaching out to minister to others. The overall goal is to see His church grow.


Go to the nations to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ.

Our passion is to grow God’s garden, i.e. the church. Therefore, it’s important that we focus on telling others about the good news about Jesus. We support and participate in various mission projects and other ministries that have a focus on telling the world about Jesus. We also encourage each other to actually tell others about the exciting work that God is doing at the Garden.