Message From Steve (SS Director)

I’d like to encourage you to attend Sunday School, if you’re not in a class already. In Psalm 119:105, the Psalmist says, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” We live in a world that is filled with darkness. Without the light of God’s Word, we can easily stumble and fall. The study of God’s Word is important if we are to know God’s will and follow Him faithfully. It is essential to our spiritual growth. It encourages us to think Biblically, which is critical if we are to walk faithfully with the Lord.

Our Sunday School teachers faithfully prepare each week to lead our classes and encourage discussion, and your presence is needed to enrich the discussion. We learn from one another as we discuss God’s Word. You may not think that what you say is important, but the words you share may be a help to someone who needs to hear them.

Sunday School is also a great way to fellowship with others and get to know folks in church. It can provide opportunities to serve and to minister to those in need, not only among class members, but to those outside the church. Sunday School provides a great way to invite someone to come to church. Sunday School provides “a place to belong.”

These are just a few of the benefits of Sunday School. I’ll share more in future newsletters. I’ll be glad to help you pick the best class for you!